Does my child need a PE uniform? 

YES! All 6th grade students will need a uniform for their required physical education class. You may order these from the PTO website at between May 6 - June 30, 2019.  Order before the end of this school year to ensure delivery at CAT Camp in the fall.  

What is CAT Camp?  

CAT Camp is a day in August for 6th grade students to come to Wester to familiarize themselves with our school and their schedule shortly before the school year begins.  On this day, the PTO will be in the gym delivering any orders placed for PE uniforms and spirit wear. Be sure to order early (before the end of the school year) or your student WILL NOT have their needed items when school begins.  This day will be for delivery only and we will not have extra inventory on hand.  All orders need to be placed online at between May 6 - June 30, 2019 to insure delivery at CAT Camp.

Why do I need the PTO Website?  

This website is designed to make your life easier and keep you informed.  All orders for P.E. uniforms and spirit wear are placed through our website.  This allows us to be more efficient and streamline the delivery process at CAT Camp thus avoiding the long lines we have experienced in the past. AND... while you are ordering your needed supplies, you can also join the PTO and signup to be a volunteer.  

Additional Questions?  

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